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Current Commerical/Enterprise Pricing

Florida High Speed Internet services come standard with all the extra features the other guys charge you extra for, like no data caps, static public IP address and fast upload speeds. All without lengthy contracts.

Generally, our service offerings are low latency and symmetrical, like fiber, not cable, DSL or satellite. A Florida High Speed Internet connection is generally an alternative or replacement for a costly fiber connection or an upgrade to cable or DSL.

Our current service offerings range from 5Mbs to 300Mbs. Because we prefer to tailor the services being provided to your company or entity's real needs, not sell you standard "tiers", we encourage you to call or email for pricing information based upon your request and not rely on what we may think you need or what tier we want to create. You will not be put on an email list or bothered with sales calls, it just gives us an opportunity to confirm coverage in your area and provide specifically tailored pricing. Call 877-804-3001 or email for additional information. Email us for a quote and then compare our pricing to some of our competitors such as: Webpass ( or Florida Broadband: (

Current Residential Pricing

While our network and services are generally focused on commercial, enterprise or municipal services we do have some residential coverage available. Residential pricing, unlike our commercial plans is tier based. We have a basic plan in certain residential areas (St. John's County and Osceola County, that start at $60.00 month and go up to $125.00/month). In other areas where we have residential coverage the basic plan starts at $75.00 / month and go up to $125.00 / month)

Current Hot Spot Pricing

Where we do have Hot Spot coverage, which includes unlimited date transfer for one device registered, the pricing is: $10 / day; $20 / week and $30 / month. Please make sure you "see" one of our Hot Spots before signing up for service. You may sign up for Hot Spot access vie the splash page that appears when you connect to the WiFi or you may sign up here:

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