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Customer Support FAQ

How do I setup my email? 

What is fixed wireless broadband connectivity? 

Where is our network? 

Does bad weather degrade your wireless services? 

Are your wireless services the same as satellite-based Internet services? 

Can service be affected by high winds? 

A friend told me his wireless wasn't reliable, how come? 

Is wireless more susceptible to network intrusion? 

How redundant is Florida High Speed Internet's network? 

What protocols do you use? 

How do I know if I qualify for service? 

Does Florida High Speed Internet offer telephone service? 

What is a Hot spot? 

What would prevent me from getting wireless service? 

What is a SIP Trunk? 

What is the difference between a SIP Trunk and a traditional PRI? 

When should a business consider a SIP? 

What is the difference between a SIP Trunk and a hosted PBX solution? 

Will I need more internet bandwidth should I choose SIP trunk or VOIP services? 

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