FLHSI Fiber Fee Schedule

Last modified: October 17, 2018

The Florida High Speed Internet Fiber Fee Schedule describes certain fees associated with the FLHSI Fiber Services that subscribers ("you") may purchase from Florida High Speed Internet. Any purchase and use of the FLHSI Fiber Services described below are governed by the FLHSI Fiber Terms of Service. Any terms that are capitalized below but not defined in this document have the same meanings specified in the FLHSI Fiber Terms of Service.

Equipment Replacement Fees

Your FLHSI Fiber Service comes with certain equipment, including a wall-mounted Fiber Jack as well as some combination of devices that allow you access the Internet (e.g., a Managed Router), or via WiFi, or operate your phone service if you have Fiber Phone (e.g., the Phone Box/ATA). The specific equipment you receive will depend on your Service plan.

Regardless of your Service plan, you will be required to pay the applicable Replacement Fee if you lose or damage any of the equipment listed below.

Unless we notify you via e-mail:

  • If you cancel all of your Services, you must return all of the equipment provided to you (except the Fiber Jack and inside wiring) in working condition and with all accessories such as power cables. Please do not remove the Fiber Jack or inside wiring.
  • You must return your Phone Box if you cancel the Fiber Phone Service, if a Phone Box was supplied.
  • If you do not return the applicable equipment in good working order within twenty-five (25) days after the applicable Service is terminated, you will be responsible for the applicable Replacement Fee(s) below.
Equipment Replacement Fee
Fiber Jack $100
Managed Router $150
Network Box $200
Phone Box $50

Build-Out Fee

Depending on when you subscribe to FLHSI Fiber and your location, you may be responsible for a construction fee. The fee, if applicable, will be disclosed to you during your acceptance of an Estimate.

If you signed up for Fiber 100, Fiber 250 or Fiber 1000 and are subject to a construction fee (which would have been disclosed to you during sign-up), your construction fee may be waived if you subscribe to Service for at least three years. If you cancel that Service or change your plan to downgrade Service during the first two years, you may be required to pay a portion of the build-out fee.

In certain circumstances, you may be subject to additional fees, which will be explained to you before you schedule your installation.

Customer Support

As part of the Services, FLHSI Fiber provides customer support through the various channels listed here.

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