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Businesses today rely on their Internet provider for continuity of operations. What’s more, your Internet connection is one of your most crucial operational tools. For fast installation and guaranteed reliability, our scalable and secure Internet service keeps your company up to speed.

FLHSI's Internet Service provides you with the fastest route to the Internet. It runs on our owned and operated fully-meshed Multi-protocol Label Switching (MPLS) core network with multiple Internet gateways and peering agreements. Our carrier-class, point-to-point microwave technology extends the last mile to your premises and with Ethernet hand-off may reduce your equipment costs.

FLHSI Internet offers:

Fast Installation: Your service can be up and running within 10 business days after securing roof rights.

Cost-efficient Installation: You can potentially save thousands of dollars on installation, compared to a new fiber build. Additionally, there is no need to purchase special equipment because we provide an Ethernet hand-off.

Low Latency: Your VoIP and other latency-sensitive applications will run successfully over your Internet Service.

Unmatched Customer Service: Your FLHSI Internet Service gives you the flexibility to adjust your bandwidth as needed.

How FLHSI Dedicated Internet Works:

FLHSI uses a combination of carrier-class, full duplex radios with the latest in point-to-point microwave technology and FCC licensed or UNII bands to provide the best and most reliable solution delivering the greatest value for our customer. Additionally, our Internet Service features:

  • - Multi-protocol Label Switching (MPLS) core network designed for fast reroute and core redundancy.
  • - Multiple Internet gateways and peering agreements using the latest BGP Routing Protocol to ensure uptime
  • - Gigabit Ethernet with a state-of-the-art IP backbone.
  • - Scalable bandwidth from 5Mbps up to 1Gbps.
  • - Ethernet-hand-off to reduce cost on customer premises equipment (CPE).

Building Reliability

Continuing Growth

We are constantly building out our network to both extend our services to new territory, and increase our reliability to offer you the best uptime in the industry. FLHSI is no longer just a wireless provider, but a fiber network as well. While maintaining and continuing to grow our existing wireless infratructure, FLHSI is also now building out it's fiber network. By partnering with local municipalities, we have been able expedite our build out of our fiber optic infrastructure. This will allow us to add even more redundancy to our network while increasing the throughput of the backbone of our network.

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