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Traditional 911 Service

911 is the official national emergency number in the United States. Dialing 911 quickly connects you to a Public Safety Answering Point ("PSAP") dispatcher trained to route your call to local emergency medical, fire, and law enforcement agencies. Some telephone service operators can offer Enhanced 911 (E911) which offers the additional assurance of being able to identify the telephone number and physical location of the 911 call automatically. This additional identification provides the added security of knowing the caller’s location, assisting the caller in the case where the caller does not know the address or cannot relay the information to the dispatcher.

911 Service is an important feature of the Internet Phone Service from FLORIDA HIGH SPEED INTERNET. Our goal is to offer our Internet Phone Service customers reliable access to 911 services in times of emergency, but it is important for all customers to understand the difference between traditional 911 service and the availability of 911 service on any VoIP network such as our Internet Phone Service.

In order for E911 Service to work properly, the address provided by to FLORIDA HIGH SPEED INTERNET MUST correspond to the physical location from which the caller will use the E911 Service. A P.O. Box is not allowed to use as a physical address. If you change the address that is used for E911 calling, the E911 Services may not be available or may operate differently. You MUST register the new address with us in order to enable E911 capabilities. The emergency service dispatcher will only send emergency service personnel to the registered E911 Service Address. It is important that you keep FLORIDA HIGH SPEED INTERNET advised of each number's physical service address at all times.

Just because a location is unregistered for 911 doesn’t mean 911 calls aren’t routed. FLORIDA HIGH SPEED INTERNET will still deliver the call.  However, when an unregistered VoIP number dials “911” the call is routed to a national call center, where location information is gathered manually and local emergency services are notified.  As you can see, this severely slows down first responder’s reaction time.  A call to 911 from an unregistered number is considered a "rogue 911" call and in addition to the delay in passing the information along to the local emergency responders, this type of call cause you as the customer to incur a Rogue 911 Calling Fee.  IMPORTANT: There is a charge of $250.00 for each call made to E911 Services with an unregistered phone number and/or discrepancy with its E911 Service Address.


All FLORIDA HIGH SPEED INTERNET Internet Phone Service customers are required to register their service location address before activation of the service. When you dial 911, we will use the address you provided to determine which PSAP we should route your call, and we will then route your 911 call to that PSAP.

Key Differences Between Traditional 911 and FLORIDA HIGH SPEED INTERNET 911/E911:

Required Registration: FLORIDA HIGH SPEED INTERNET requires registration of your specific service location at the time you request service. A customer address that cannot be verified will not be served by FLORIDA HIGH SPEED INTERNET VoIP or SIP Phone Service. You must also acknowledge that you understand and agree to the limitations of FLORIDA HIGH SPEED INTERNET’s 911/E911 service before we will activate service to you.

Failure to Designate and Identify the Correct Physical Address:   Customer’s failure to provide and keep current your correct physical location(s) will result in any 911 call or other emergency communication made by you or from your location (if different from the location previously supplied to FLORIDA HIGH SPEED INTERNET by you or your agent) being routed to the incorrect local emergency service provider. Customer’s physical location(s) may NOT be a post office box, mail drop or similar address. Neither FLORIDA HIGH SPEED INTERNET nor Customer shall assume under any circumstances that the physical office location for 911 calling purposes, and therefore registration, is the same as Customer’s billing address.  In the event a return call is required to be made from the 911 emergency service operator, Customer acknowledges FLORIDA HIGH SPEED INTERNET is not responsible if the return call is not completed or is routed to the wrong point due to system or telephone settings such as Do Not Disturb, Automated Attendants, IVR systems, Voice Mail systems, call routing, Hunt group settings, answering services, and any other system or routing established by Customer or FLORIDA HIGH SPEED INTERNET, or for any other reason. IMPORTANT: There is a charge of $250.00 for each call made to E911 Services with an unregistered phone number and/or discrepancy with its E911 Service Address.

Moves or change of address: If you move the equipment to a different address other than the one we have on filed for the service location you must update your 911 address information. Changes are not immediate and may take 3-5 business days to complete. If we can provide 911/E911 service at the new location, you will receive an email confirmation with the updated address information. During any period the address is being updated, the 911/E911 may not work properly. If we cannot provide 911/E911 at a location, we may elect not to offer you Internet Phone Service and notify you that because we cannot provide 911/E911 service at the new location we must discontinue service.

Busy Signal: Just like traditional 911/E911 service, you may receive a an "all lines to be busy," or "circuits are full” at the time of a 911 call. This is especially true during any peak 911 usage times such as hurricanes, earthquakes, or other public warnings. 911 calls may receive a busy signal, recorded message or be routed to an alternative PSAP in such instances. The inability to properly place a call to 911 could result in serious injury or death to you if emergency services are delayed. If circuits are overloaded you may be unable to place telephone calls, including calls to 911.

Network Outages: FLORIDA HIGH SPEED INTERNET Internet Phone Service operate over and are dependent upon FLORIDA HIGH SPEED INTERNET’s high-speed Internet connection, therefore, any outage or interruption of your Internet connection will also affect your phone service and you will not be able to dial 911 or place any other telephone calls. In addition, Brevard Wireless, Inc. must perform regular maintenance on its FLORIDA HIGH SPEED INTERNET network. In some cases this may require FLORIDA HIGH SPEED INTERNET to temporarily interrupt the Service. FLORIDA HIGH SPEED INTERNET cannot guarantee that your Service will not be interrupted, and cannot always give advance notice of such interruptions. During an interruption you will be unable to place telephone calls, including calls to 911, and if there is an emergency your inability to call 911 could result in serious injury or death.


Power Outages: FLORIDA HIGH SPEED INTERNET Internet Phone Service is dependent upon a constant power source, therefore, during any electrical power outage, your FLORIDA HIGH SPEED INTERNET Internet Phone service including 911/E911 will not be available. This means that you will be unable to place telephone calls, including calls to 911, until the electricity is restored, and if there is an emergency your inability to call 911 could result in serious injury or death.


It is important for you to understand the limitations of the FLORIDA HIGH SPEED INTERNET Internet Phone Service, and that you ensure that family members who use the Service also understand the limitations. We strongly encourage you to share this information with anyone who will, or may, place calls using your FLORIDA HIGH SPEED INTERNET Internet Phone Service.

Warning Labels:

Per FCC regulations, you must affix provided warning labels on or near the equipment used for VoIP service. FLORIDA HIGH SPEED INTERNET  will provide warning labels regarding the limitations or unavailability of 911 emergency dialing (the “911 sticker”). If you require additional 911 stickers, please contact the support department and they will be provided to you.

Limitation of Liability and Indemnification

By using the VoIP or SIP service provided by FLORIDA HIGH SPEED INTERNET you acknowledge and agree that Brevard Wireless, Inc. dba Florida High Speed Internet disclaims any and all liability for any service outage or inability to complete emergency 911 calls from any customer line or customer premises or to access emergency service personnel.  You shall protect, defend, indemnify, and hold harmless Brevard Wireless, Inc., its officers, directors, employees, affiliates, contractors, and agents and any other service provider that furnishes services to you in connection with the VoIP or SIP (including 911 or e911) service, from any and all claims, lawsuits, losses, damages, liability, fines, penalties, costs, and expenses including, without limitation, attorney’s fees and costs, arising from, or related to, any absence, failure, or outage of the service, including, without limitation, inability of customer, any party, or user of FLORIDA HIGH SPEED INTERNET's Service to be able to call 911 to access emergency service personnel, and/or if emergency responders do not respond at all or respond to the wrong physical location. In no event shall FLORIDA HIGH SPEED INTERNET be liable to customer or any third party or user for incidental, indirect, consequential, exemplary, punitive, or special damages related to customer’s (or any customer employee, agent, or contractor, or third person or third party or user of FLORIDA HIGH SPEED INTERNET 's Service) use of or inability to use 911 services.

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